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Hey Educators, Welcome to the world of Education!

SFS TIMES, Self Finance Schools Times provides Educational News & stories, Government Announcements, in-depth articles, updates and much more via two ways:

Monthly Newspaper - Self Finance Schools Times News Channel – www.sfstimes.com

Where, the newspaper has been themed for monthly issue, accompanied by news & articles related to education industry.

And, via news channel, the readers will not only get the access to stay inform with the education industry but also share the educational news of their territory over here after registering with us.

    Purpose of SFS TIMES:

  • To connect all the educators at one platform
  • To inform, update and entertain readers and viewers with newsworthy, engaging, reports and thought provoking information, that is collected and thoroughly verified
  • To sort out the administrative matters of Self Finance Schools
  • To provide Right Direction to all the Self Finance Schools
  • To work for all round development and to enhance the quality level of education
  • To be the reflection of the changing times and help the society
  • To support and enhance the activities and services of SFS TIMES
  • To be accurate, fair and impartial in its coverage of issues that affect the education and educational community

Know the Story behind the origin of SFS Times:

Self-Finance Schools were established by a general circular through Government of Gujarat in 1993. Since then, self-finance schools have witnessed a good progress gradually and quality of education has been increased. But at the same time, many issues regarding self-finance schools were evolved.

To provide a valuable solution to the questions, Association of Self Finance Schools was being established in the year 2003 at Rajkot. Later in 2013, Confederation of Self Finance Schools was founded at Haridham,Sokhda by,

  • Shree Tyagvallab Swami Maharaj as President
  • Shree Bharatbhai Gajipara( Rajkot)
  • Shree Rajeshbhai Nakrani (Surat) as General Secretary.

To keep all Administrators under a roof, association initiated ‘Schools Times’ in 2015, which is known as ‘Self Finance School Times’. Subsequently, it was run by the association itself. Every month 3000 copies were being published from Rajkot regularly. Today, Self Finance Schools Association has succeeded in keeping all the administrators of Gujarat together. More than 3000 friends from different Districts- Talukas and Villages of Rajkot, Surat, Ahmedabad and Vadodara are connected with this association.

With the blessings of Swamiji, new friends have taken part in the newly appointed federation. And currently

  • Dr. Deepak Rajyguru (Surat) as President
  • Shree Manhar Rathod (Bhavnagar) as Vice-President,
  • Shree Bharat Gajipara (Rajkot) & Shree Bharat Naakrani (Bhavnagar) as General Secretary are actively working.

Today the association is becoming pervasive for the entire education world and acting diligently for the right and for the fight of self-respect.

As the association intends to start new edition of Newspaper – Self Finance Schools Times from Ahmedabad, the association has entrust the responsibility to MR.TEJAS SHAH to publish monthly as Editor, Publisher and Printer in 2017.

Mr. Tejas Shah is Edupreneur & Initiator of ‘Education First’ movement

  • Director of Ideal Experiential Learning Private Limited
  • An Edu Techno Partner for schools and Institutions
  • Providing Multiple Learning Solutions for K-12 Education.

Latest Edition of SFS Times in notable style by Mr.Tejas Shah:

So, as per the mentioned saga, Mr.Tejas Shah is managing the new version of SFS Times – Newspaper & News channel both! He launched the new version of Self Finance Schools Times by conducting a Pre-Launch event of SFS Times on 15th October, 2017 at Ahemdabad. More than 200+ schools participated in this event.

Accordingly new outline for SFS Times will be,

  • Published Monthly
  • Multi-coloured Edition with 24 Pages
  • Themed in Gujarati language
  • Feature some of the best articles from well-known dignitaries
  • Jam packed with interesting articles and stories
  • School can share the articles by sending us mail or directly Registering with us.

Your reviews are welcomed. For any query or feedback, drop us mail on news@sfstimes.com